Jelly and Ice Cream Bundt Cake

Jelly and Ice Cream Bundt Cake

Yesterday Bolton Clandestine Cake Club turned two. We've spent the past couple of years improving our skills, coming up with crazy cake ideas and making lots of new friends. I made my signature Matilda Bundt Cake for our first meeting, and have baked a bundt for every meeting since, except once when I made Almondbury Cake in homage to T & Cake.

I wanted something a bit quirky, whilst still along the birthday party theme. Last year I made a Cherryade Bundt Cake, but was totally stumped this time. Then my friend Lucie came up trumps with an ace idea. She suggested I pick two ingredients to match our age - it had to be jelly and ice cream! I hadn't had jelly in years!

In my infinite wisdom I decided to make actual jelly to accompany the cake, which proved interesting as I had to transport them to cake club! Crisis averted, I was really pleased with how this one turned out. I made it earlier in the week using just jam as a flavouring, however I found that it tasted too much like real fruit. I wanted an almost synthetic strawberry taste, just like jelly. Mission accomplished.

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