Jack Skellington Marshmallow Pops

Jack Skellington Marshmallow Pops

It all went a little mental when I popped the Gingerdead Men up last week… Silly mental, I’ve never seen so many views on one post in one day. It seems that everyone loves a little spooky, cute Halloween Gingerbread Man, not a scary, gory one. Thank you!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to go through my baking cupboards the last week or so and see what part-opened packets of things I’ve got lying around, needing to be used. There’s a few bits and pieces, the odd bit of chocolate, Oreo packets with two left in it, Maltezers and marshmallows, and I really should start using up all the cake offcuts that are in the freezer as well.

Whilst I’d love to sit surrounded by all the packets and work my way to an intense sugar hit, alas most of it will head Ian’s way; but I did sneak away the white chocolate and the marshmallows.

If I really wanted to, I could have made cake pops… But whilst there’s those who have making cake pops down to a tee, to me the process just seems so long and drawn out, for just one mouthful.

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