It's been a year

It's been a year

Yesterday was September 25. Last year on September 25 was the first time we ever heard the words Ocular Albinism. Last year on this day we took Yon to our first regular eye checkup in London, like we did every three month wherever we lived, and after about 5 hours of tests and waiting got to a doctor who said "I think there is more to it than that". September 25 2012 will forever be the day we embarked on a new road, one we never anticipated walking in. As if someone ever does. September 25 2012 was the day our child got the Special label now attached so firmly to his name. It wasn't the horrible day of the EED test. No, that was done three months later, in December 2012. And it wasn't the day we got our diagnosis. No, we got the last formal stamp in April 2013. It wasn't even the day we first started suspecting Yon has vision problems, or the first time we took him to see an eye specialist in Spain, in March 2010. Somehow out of all these options, September 25 was the day our life changed forever.

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