It's an Under Cover Job

It's an Under Cover Job

Wow - with Spring well and truly sprung here (please Winter - no nasty returns) and with no husband or children to distract me, I have been able to make some really good progress in the veg garden this week. Over the last year or so I have been employing a new method of gardening to reduce down the amount of digging I need to do. Previously I would dig patches as they became vacant in the Autumn, suffer with back pain and then watch as the weeds grew back in the spring before I had time to plant anything. Now I use weed suppressing fabric. Once a plot becomes free of veg, I add manure (often even fresh as it will rot down nicely over winter) and then I cover it with GeoTextile. Come the spring the weeds are gone, the manure has been incorporated by the worms and with minimal work I can get the ground ready for a new crop.

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