It's All About Me

It's All About Me

I have survived September, which exceeded all expectations and was even tougher to handle than August, and to celebrate the lovely Gina from the blog Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies decided to tag me in a meme. Just in case you don't remember, a meme is like those things you get on Facebook (or when we were kids were really printed) and then you have to do what you are told and pass it on to more people to do as they are told and pass it on and so on and so forth until the whole universe is filled with tiny minions of meme. Ok, so after we've established that I've watched the Despicable Me movies too many times (the kids love them and Yon looks and behaves exactly like a minion), I can also establish that doing what I'm told is not my strongest suit. Ok, it's not even in the top 10. And if you've seen my answers to my first meme - Music, When Needed, you would know that memes and me do not really get along, but I decided to participate in this one because, well because it's about me.

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