It's a MADs Season - Every Vote Counts!

It's a MADs Season - Every Vote Counts! - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

Last year I was so lucky to be a finalist in the Most Innovative Category. By some fluke chance, lots of lovely people out there believed in me and my blog and put me there. I hadn’t really thought about making it that far to be honest. As far as I was concerned I was very new (less than 6 months) and it was never going to happen to me! But, oh newbie bloggers out there, it did – and it can happen to YOU too!!!

I’ve had a few very lovely, kind people tell me that they have voted for me in Blog of the Year – to even get nominated for that category, well, I feel extremely honoured. I would also be extremely happy to be back in the group of Innovators. #PoCoLo – and now #SoFoLo – is because I love helping other people you see, and I try very hard to make sure that I highlight as many of my linkers as possible.

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