It's a French Saturday Bank Holiday - Toussaint (All Saints)

It's a French Saturday Bank Holiday - Toussaint (All Saints) Being November 1st, it is a Bank Holiday (Jour Férié) here in France today. In the UK, if a date specific Bank Holiday falls on a week-end the actual Bank Holiday will get switched to the nearest in Monday, where-as in France it stays on it's given date, even if that is a Saturday or Sunday.

November 1st is Toussaint (All Saints’ Day), the day to celebrate all the Catholic Saints. November 2nd is All Soul's day when families traditionally commemorated the dead. Now most families use the Bank Holiday of Toussaint on November 1st to gather together and remember their deceased relatives. Many people will attend special church services after which time gravestones will be visited, cleaned and chrysanthemums placed on or near the graves.

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