It's a....

It's a.... It's a BOY! Of course it is. I won't lie - I might have had a tiny bit of my heart set on a girl and I am not ashamed to admit that. But we are so very thrilled. And everything is healthy, normal and well, which of course is the main thing. He was (it's so lovely to be able to say "he" now!) moving around a lot for the scan and his little hands and feet and legs were squirming around. He is gorgeous and I cannot wait to have a little mini Mani in our lives. I mean, how lucky can one girl get?

Now we know it's a boy we can really start to buy things, plan and play around with a few names. There is only 139 more days to go until the 19th January and when you put it like that it's a tiny bit scary but I am not going to get anxious (haha), everything will be organised and ready in time. It is going to be fine.

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