Italy Comes to Nürnberg

Italy Comes to Nürnberg

One of the things that I miss the most about not living directly in Nürnberg anymore, is stumbling across the Italian market on the Fleischbrücke. As far as I can tell, the market seems to happen every two or three months. But I never seem to know when they’re happening, and haven’t been able to pin down a schedule for them thus far. This week though, I got lucky. So lucky in fact, that I managed to get there twice, on Friday and again on Saturday.

Friday I was in the city for dinner with a friend and swung through the market to buy some truffle sausage, sheep cheese, and a few bottles of wine. I came back on Saturday with BV, and we picked up more truffle paste, more wine, and some cannolis that are nothing short of amazing.

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