Italian chicken with nature potatoes

Italian chicken with nature potatoes

A couple of weeks ago i went out to Jamie's Italian restaurant in Westfield with some of my fellow bloggers. While there I ate some chicken with olives and tomatoes and it was superb. Last week I was really keen to try and replicate the dish just by using my "head" and hint the actual ingredients. I could've just look for the recipe but I settled myself a challenge and opted not too. I have to say I was scared but in a way trusted my "cooking skills"and went for it! You can read below what I came out with! First I did call the recipe "Italian" but really Is just my take on the recipe I tasted in the restaurant. Hubby enjoy eating it so I was happy with the result. Ingredients: - 2 chicken breast boneless sliced (if you eat the dish in the restaurant the bones are kept on) - 1 red onion peeled and thinly sliced; - 2 garlic cloves puréed; - 1 cartoon of chopped tomatoes 400g from Sainsbury's (I am sure that at the restaurant they use fresh tomatoes); - 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar;

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