ISO & Aperture Cheat Sheets

Emily Beale Photography - ISO & Aperture Cheat Sheets Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback from last weeks tutorial on shutter speed. I really felt it was a good over view and I was so pleased with the ‘cheat sheet’ that can be downloaded and printed that this week I’ve made a few more… You can view the full tutorial on ISO here, but here’s the cheat sheet outlining the most important elements. What it is, how it works, and what your settings should be for the various conditions you may find yourself in. Most good point and shoot camera’s now give you the option to adjust your camera’s ISO manually, which is really great. Older camera’s may have a dial with settings for low & high ISO – low = a person with a sun by them, high = person with the moon. Using these settings will really help you to get better pictures of your family! The full tutorial for Aperture is here. And here’s the new cheat sheet… Again what it is and what it does with a few helpful reminders.

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