Isn’t ignoring my tantruming child cruel?

Your child is screaming, and you hear yourself say: “I am off to grab myself a Diet Coke as I could really do with a fix of caffeine. Would you like anything? I can see you are upset, perhaps a drink will help”

You make sure that you leave your child in a safe situation, and you turn your back to grab that caffeine fix, without registering the screaming too obviously. In all honesty, you probably won’t ever get to have any of that drink though, as really all you are doing is trying not to rise to your child’s tantrum about not being able to put their fingers in the DvD Player…

A month or so ago, the KiddyCharts parenting tips community on Google Plus raised an interesting question for me as to what we really mean when we say to help ride the tantrum phase you just need to “ignore it.” It was triggered by a community member popping in a post about ignoring your child being hurtful for them.

However, in my eyes, the word “ignoring” isn’t directly at the child, or their needs, what it means is don’t give in to the tantrum,

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