Is it time to renew your resolve?

Is it time to renew your resolve?

January, a month that usually drags it's knuckles about 10 yards behind me, has actually breezed past me super fast. In fact I've been busy trying to keep up with 2014 while trying to keep my New Year's resolutions. I've been trying to look after myself better and my doodles, now framed on my dressing table, have proved to be a good reminder. So as the month draws to a close, maybe it is a good time to reflect, refine and renew resolves and get inspired all over again.

Reflect: Don't forget to celebrate all the good work to date! What has gone well? I'm pretty pleased to be on my way to mastering half of my resolution tasks. But also recognise what hasn't worked and why.

Refine: Sometimes you need to change or adapt your actions, but you might be on track and a bit bored or just impatient for results. I might need to adjust my expectations, but mostly I need to keep doing more of the same.

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