Is it Time to Relax?

How do you relax the therapist enquires, pen poised to record my response to yet another soul delving question.  “I drink a glass of wine… maybe a bottle.”

I watch her face to see the reaction, the tiniest indication, in the flicker of an eye or the spasm of a muscle to reveal her thinking. “You skanky useless mother, or you overgrown good time party girl, give it up, it’s embarrassing, pathetic even”

She lifts her head and smiles softly “ I know” she says “ it can be a release”.

“I don’t like it though, I want to be able to relax but find it really hard and so I resort sometimes to what I know”

“I can help you with that” she replies.

I decide a trip to the Zoo would be a good day out for us, we’ve not been for a long time and fun day with the boys is what I need. Daddy is going to the cricket, so instead of going it alone, a far too daunting a task, I commandeer granny into our trip. We rise early, make sandwiches and set off.

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