Is it tasty or not?

Is it tasty or not?

I don't think I ever really wrote about Yon's eating problems. Mainly because usually I would rather die than admit the kid has an eating problem. Funny isn't it, that I am willing to talk about so many other things related to his Ocular Albinism, but not this. No. Because I don't believe in kids eating problems you see. When I was a young mum and I thought I knew everything (well, that isn't really true. I usually was the first to admit that I have no idea what I was doing. I still am. The fact that Ron survived those first years is a testament to his character, not to mine. But I was still very opinionated), I thought, no - knew, that you never fight with children about food, and I also thought all babies were like mine. In a lot of things Ron wasn't an easy baby, but he loved, still loves, eating. As soon as he discovered real food, he was in love. He eat slowly, methodically, and most importantly - healthy. We defended his right to eat what he wants, how much he wants, for however long it takes

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