Is It Right to Holiday Without Your Kids?

Is It Right to Holiday Without Your Kids? - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

This morning I was on the Nick Ferrari show on LBC radiofollow to discuss this article followwhich appeared in the Daily Mail and whether it is right to holiday without your kids. Kate and William have gone on holiday leaving Baby George with Kate’s parents. I was very surprised to read how many people were dead set against it! You can’t tell me that if you were in that position you would refuse a holiday to the Maldives?! I wouldn’t!

I understand that many people may be querying this because George is only 7 months old. Of course, at that age many women are still exclusively breastfeeding but what about the hoards of women who have to be back at work by then and are leaving their babies in Nursery? I was very nearly in that situation. You are then put into a position where you need to make a decision on how you feed. So the point is that we don’t actually know how Kate is feeding George.

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