Is it just me who gets emotional about first steps?

Thursday the 24th of October was a big day in our house. Baby Girl took her first steps. Then a few more. Really? I kept asking myself, convinced it was a fluke. She doesn't know what she's doing... She's probably just steadying herself... But three steps soon turned into six, then suddenly she was tottering across the room. If you saw her, you'd understand why I was surprised. When I took her soft play at the weekend, other parents were looking at her as if she was one of those babies in the Volvic advert. 'Watch out for the little baby,' they warned their gigantic toddlers, then gasped as she barged past them. I know pushing isn't normally up there with parents' 'proud moments' but she looked ridiculously cute mowing through a forest of older, taller children to throw herself down a slide even Bouncing Boy has only just mastered. She might be young - only 10 months - and small - 9th percentile, thank you very much - but my God, she can move.

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