Introducing The Merlesque! Mermaids

Introducing The Merlesque! Mermaids

Who doesn’t love mermaids?

The mysterious and beautiful ‘maids of the sea’ whose existence has remained unproven, despite historical reports and sightings. Even Christopher Columbus reported seeing them whilst exploring the Caribbean. The National Ocean Service currently maintains there is no evidence of mermaids. I say, give them time! Much of our oceans are still unexplored.

It is no secret that I have been mildly obsessed by mermaids from a young age. All thanks to Hans Christian Andersen.

Mermaids have always appealed to me because of their depiction as serene, elegant and enchanting creatures, tinged with sadness but possessing a willful and playful side too.

On a lighter note, I once attended a festival dressed as a mermaid and enjoyed the attention that was bestowed upon me that day. The outfit was made by a very talented seamstress friend.

A most treasured 30th birthday present is my very own mermaid bikini (again crafted by the same talented friend). It’s not something I have worn recently but the memories of wearing it will remain with me forever!

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