Introducing Pelote Basque - a very un-Provençal game

Introducing Pelote Basque - a very un-Provençal game - The Lou Messugo Blog

Watching the winter Olympics with all its wierd and wonderful sports that I've never heard of, and won't again till the next Games, makes me think of another unusual game that no one's ever heard of, but features strongly in our household: pelote basque. JF plays in the local league and loves it, but honestly I can't work it out.

It seems to go like this: it's a racquet game originating from the Basque region of France/Spain loosely based on the ancient game jeu de paume. Yet when I say game, it is infact a grouping of between 12 - 22 different games, one of which doesn't even use a racquet! Now this is what I don't really get; some of these games seem to me as similar to each other as tennis is to badminton or even volleyball; i.e not very. These are different sports, not the same one. So forgive me if I don't really get pelote basque.

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