Introducing Georgina from Ruby Wedding Design

Introducing Georgina from Ruby Wedding Design

Hands up who got engaged at the weekend? After Valentines Day on Friday were you one of the lucky ones whose beloved finally ‘put a ring on it?’ All hail Beyonce for that little ditty!

For any of you lovely newly engaged couples or even for those who are currently in the throws of organising one of the most important, memorable and special days of your lives, I have a mega treat in store for you today.

Introducing Georgina from Ruby Wedding Design……….

We are off today to the fabulous sparkly, purple world of Georgina AKA Ruby from Ruby Wedding Design. I wish I had known this wonderful red haired lady with a passion for crazy headwear prior to our wedding in 2012. Her help in co-ordinating our day and ensuring that everything went ahead as planned would have proved invaluable I loved our wonderful day, but we did have a couple of last minute hitches.

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