Introducing BIRTH WEEK...

Introducing BIRTH WEEK...

In the UK, we have the NHS, free at the point of delivery. We have access to antental care and advice, we can make choices about where we have our babies and who we want to be there. But as we all know, experiences do vary hugely. In a somewhat cathartic piece I wrote last year, I discussed why women may feel their experiences are not entirely positive: If giving birth is safer than at any time in history, why is it scarier than ever?

But actually we do need to be positive and we do need to empower ourselves to have a positive birth experience, which in turn can help set us up for a positive parenting experience. During the daily pieces I will be publishing as part of BIRTH WEEK, we will look at how we can move forward in the UK, supporting women's choices and rights, rather than regressing in the face of budget cuts and strikes. All women deserve the right to make informed decisions, for these decisions to be respected, be it home birth or elective caesarean, epidural or reflexology, and to be treated with dignity and compassion when we need it most.

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BIRTH WEEK: Childbirth is a "social, not a medical, event" Sheena Byrom OBE, Midwife

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