International Women's Day #lastingchange

International Women's Day #lastingchange

This year has so far zoomed by with a flash of red and a buzz of excitement. Yes, that’s right, Team Honk is back, bigger and better than ever before. Storming through the country with Mr B the baton held proudly aloft by Mr Blobby, elephants, he’s been on boats, planes, trains and automobiles and even a fleet of mobility scooters. Hundreds of bloggers plus their friends and families, all headed by some incredibly inspiring women in their own right, Anniefollow, Tfollow & Pennyfollow. Who’ve not only managed the logistical nightmare of getting the baton from Lands End to John O’Groats in the Team Honk Relay but have sent out emails every single day for almost three months, spent over twelve hours a day on social media supporting the teams on their epic journeys and have been a constant source of tireless encouragement and never-ending determination for us all to do as much as we possibly can – for Comic Relief.

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