International Women's Day: #lastingchange

Pigeon Pair and Me: International Women's Day: #lastingchange

Meet Lucy, in her place of work in Tanzania, as she proudly shows her handmade goods to Team Honk.

Lucy is one of the many women to have benefited from support given through Comic Relief. Through mentoring and training, the Gatsby Trust gave Lucy the confidence to develop her business, and to network after moving from the countryside to the city. The Gatsby Trust (which has been awarded a Comic Relief grant of £264,959 over three years) helps 1000 female entrepreneurs by educating both women and their partners about women’s rights, and by providing support and training.

In the words of Tanya Barrow from Team Honk, who sent me a digital postcard of this picture yesterday:

“She is an inspirational creative who brought out so many beautiful, imaginative handcrafted items to show us. More than that she is a teacher and looks forward to expanding her business by training other women who want to start up craft and textile businesses.”

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