Inspirational photographers | Ansel Adams

The legendary creative genius Ansel Adams was well known for his black and white photographs. Although he did shoot in colour, he felt it could be distracting to the viewer and claimed a far greater sense of ‘colour’ could be achieved through a well executed monochrome image.

Ansel Adams is widely recognised for the innovation he brought to photography which included the development of the Zone System with Fred Archer – a photographic technique for determining optimal film exposure and development. He founded the photography Group f/64 with Willard Van Dyke and Edward Weston and has produced many of the most influential technical manuals on photography ever written. He will also be remembered for having a camera platform mounted on his car to get a better angle over his expansive backgrounds.

He was born in 1902 to distinctly upper class parents Charles Hitchcock Adams and Olive Bray. They lived in San Francisco where they had a splendid view of the Golden Gate. The family fortune collapsed in 1907 and within five years the family’s standard of living dropped sharply.

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