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innocent big knit I haven't knitted for ages. About five years ago I started knitting a scarf... it's sitting in a bag upstairs, probably feeling deeply forlorn.

Innocent are asking for people to join their Big Knit campaign. The idea is to knit a little hat, and for each hat wearing smoothie sold, 25p will be donated to Age UK.

I thought this sounded like a nice thing to do, so I dug out my spare yarn. I watched a couple of videos on the lionbrand website to teach me how to cast on and how to make the basic stitches.

I started simple, a single colour hat with a pom pom. This first hat took me about 2 hours because I kept making mistakes, but once I figured out how to rectify those I was hooked, and knitted 4 more. As I became more confident I started deviating from the pattern by adding in additional colours.

These little hats aren't perfect, but I think they will be ok! If you would like to knit your own hat, there is an easy to follow pattern on the Innocent website, and you have until 31st October to send it in.

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