inheriting a garden is an odd one

inheriting a garden is an odd one

Inheriting a garden is an odd one. We spent a long time clearing three (three!) sheds, goal posts and various random bits and bobs the previous owner left strewn about the garden.

We've discovered lavender, rosemary and chives and think there are a few peony plants in one of the borders. Other than that, we have no idea what is growing, which is interesting.

When we moved in, we installed a mini vegetable patch on the patio... courgettes, tomatoes, strawberries and sweet peas were planted. We enjoyed mixed success. The sweet peas took ages to flower, so we've only seen a couple. The strawberry plant produced one solitary fruit. The courgettes and tomatoes ran wild and produced something of a glut.

The apple tree is a huge, unwieldy beast and is dropping apples faster than we can pick them up. Every time there is a gust of wind, tens of apples fall to the ground. Eventually we plan to build a seat underneath it's wide branches, though at the moment we just need to find somewhere to store the fruit!

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