Individual Apple and Cinnamon Pies

Individual Apple and Cinnamon Pies

Pastry. It's a right bugger isn't it? The quest for the illustrious golden brown crust with no soggy bottom... Half the battle is the method, but the other is definitely the tools. I once made an apple pie in my beautiful pink ceramic pie dish... disaster! The ceramic didn't conduct the heat adequately, and boom... the soggiest bottom since a wet weekend in Wales.

Last week my new Nordic Ware enamel tins arrived... and yes, I had pies in mind! There would be no messing about. I planned to right the wrong of that pretty pink pie dish (which now sits gathering dust at the back of the cupboard). These pies would scratch a seven year itch. I made individual apple and cinnamon pies with a few fancy lids. 

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