In Praise of Rescue Kittens

Ever since Sophia learnt to talk she had asked for a cat. Now there was no way I was ever going to inflict toddler twins on any poor, unsuspecting feline, but after years of pestering, finally she wore me down and I went from thinking 'no,' to 'maybe,' and in 2001 just before their 7th birthday... 'actually, why not?' Having grown up without pets during my own childhood, I felt that somehow I'd missed out. Hubby had been surrounded with a veritable menagerie of animals and was happy either way and so, we started to weigh up the pros and cons and fathom out how a cat would fit into our hectic lives.

After much deliberation, we concluded that we would adopt a kitten from the Cat Action Trust - a small, national charity dedicated to the welfare of feral cats. They had lots of kittens that needed a good home, but first we had to pass a home visit to assess our suitability as responsible cat owners. This was formidable, but fortunately we passed and were invited to view kittens.

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