In & out of Clarks in 10 minutes with school shoes!

In & out of Clarks in 10 minutes with school shoes!

Saturday morning is a time I like to linger in bed if I'm honest.  Often hubby is at work and the kids come and see me for cuddles and then they head off downstairs for a bagel, juice and a healthy (or should that be unhealthy?) dose of kiddie TV.  It is my indulgence for the week, every other day I get up early but Saturdays I like to read a book until at least 10am.

I was therefore dismayed to find we had an appointment at the local Clarks store (I say local but actually it is about 30 minutes as I live in the middle of nowhere nowadays) for JJ to have a fitting for new school shoes at 10.15am. When he came home Friday with a worn through sole I knew there was no getting out of it and we would definitely need to go but a quick call to the Clarks store and they were super happy to delay the appointment by an hour, in fact they were happy to schedule it for whatever time suited me, first win.

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