In honor of poet ruth weiss on her 85th birthday

In honor of poet ruth weiss on her 85th birthday

ruth weiss’ and Kerouac’s ways crossed in 1955. By then Kerouac had published but one book, The Town and the City (1950). Two more years were to pass until On the Road made him famous. As ruth weiss stresses, they were not lovers – luckily, she believes, because otherwise their relationship would not have been as relaxed as it was. Kerouac’s visits to her place followed a certain routine. He used to show up late at night with a bottle of wine, then they would talk about everything under the sun, about writing stream of consciousness and his technique of sketching with words, i.e. catching moments in a way painters do, which he developed in those years – and they wrote haiku together. Expressing herself in this short form derived from Japanese literature became one of ruth weiss’ long-lasting passions. The poems received a very special note by the water colors she added to them. Jack Kerouac’s collected haiku appeared in 2004.

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