In Focus - Casual Trousers and Dressy Joggers

In Focus - Casual Trousers and Dressy Joggers

I should admit that I hardly ever dress down too much when I’m outside my house. To me there’s something about wearing joggers or a hoodie (or both) that makes me feel way too comfortable in the outside world. Plus who am I kidding, I can’t pull it off and actually look cool like some people can, I just look like a giant marshmallow (think Michelin man, or recurring chubby ghost from ghostbusters).

While I like the fact that I’ve finally established some kind of personal style which is more on the smart side (I like to fool myself that I’ve grown up), I do envy those who can get away with dressing more comfortably. So when the trend of slouchy casual trousers/joggers surfaced I was all over it. In fact one of my personal style icons Victoria Beckham (she’s awesome, don’t judge me) featured really nice casual trousers and culottes on the runway at London Fashion Week...

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