In defence of the anti-feminists...

In defence of the anti-feminists... Over the summer there been an outcry amongst feminist commentators and left-wing columnists about the website Women Against Feminism. This website allows individuals from across the globe, mainly young women, to post a photo of themselves holding a placard with an explanation of why they are opposed to feminism. Some of these statements are expressing traditional, conservative, right wing views as you might expect. On August 28th, a woman states “I don’t need feminism because I want to promise my man to love him, honour him and obey him”.

While I clearly wouldn't agree with a lot of the statements made by Women Against Feminism, that doesn’t make the contributors stupid. It would also be wrong to clump together all the views expressed on the website as one. The contributors present a range of perspectives on feminism, some not that different from my own, and can't just be accused of not getting it!

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