Improving my health : Making a start and a Summer Porridge recipe

Improving my health : Making a start and a Summer Porridge recipe

Thank you everybody that commented on my post about rebalancing my hormones.

Since writing it, I've downloaded Master your Metabolism by American powerhouse and all-round fitness badass Jillian Michaels as well as Beat Candida by Erica White. I haven't finished both of them yet but already it's clear that, just as I suspected, my sugar intake is WAY too high.

Yesterday and today, I paid much closer attention to what I was eating and today, in particular, I noticed that although for me I was eating "better", it still wasn't great.

The good news, I discovered a quick, easy to make breakfast that I can take to work with me and only takes a few minutes to prepare the night before. I mixed porridge oats into greek yoghurt, added some frozen blueberries, and then left the whole concoction in the fridge overnight to give the oats lots of time to soften - TA DAH! It's a great alternative to traditional porridge, which I can't imagine taking to work in this weather, and much more filling than yoghurt alone.

Not so much the "bad" news but the things I realised I need some inspiration about are:

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