I'm getting sew confident!

I'm getting sew confident!

Like most new skills, practicing is the sure-fire way to improve your confidence no end, and I've had the sewing machine out again this week.

... Maeri showed me a book called Improv Sewing that she thought I might like. Well, I liked it so much that I now own this very same book which is subtitled "fast, fun and fearless projects" and encourages you to improvise your own patterns made from cut-up t-shirts.

It was quite handy, then, that my husband just happened to be putting a t-shirt that small daughter really liked into the charity bag . It had been a birthday present one year, a few sizes too big so it had never been worn, and it was time for it to stop taking up space in the drawer. "You can't throw that away!" small daughter exclaimed, "I will have it and grow into it." Now unless she's planning to grow into a men's extra-large size any time soon, I think this t-shirt could just be taking up space in her drawer too, so it was an ideal opportunity to put the ideas in Improv Sewing to the test.

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