I’m an Introvert

I’m an Introvert Believe it or not, I spent most of my life believing I was an extrovert. Honestly. I’m feel incredibly stupid for this, but I don’t know whether it has been the ageing process that has accentuated the traits and made it much more obvious or whether I’m just better educated now. Maybe both.

The reason I thought I was an extrovert stems from my teens and 20’s. I had relatively queit friends and I am very talkative. I am a chatterbox. I looooove to talk. My aunt rang my mum once to check up on my throat infection and asked if I had stopped talking. The answer was no. As well as the talking a lot, filling the empty silences that people insist on putting there (why, why do they do that?) I quite like having the floor with friends. I have very fond memories of having one too many drinks and practically doing a stand up routine or often a bit of improvised slapstick for the amusement of those around me. It took me a while, but I started acting in my early 20’s........

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