ignoring the cold, enjoying the sunshine!

mumturnedmom: #CountryKids – ignoring the cold, enjoying the sunshine!

Regular readers will know that we were back in the UK and Ireland last week for a holiday. Most of our trip was damp and drizzly… It made me realise that while the cold and the snow can be a bit of a pain, it could be worse. It’s properly cold here, but it doesn’t seem to seep into your bones the way that damp, miserable weather can. There were times when I felt colder in Edinburgh than I do in Boston, despite it being a good 20C ‘warmer’!

As we spent all of our trip catching up with friends and family, we actually spent very little time outside: I had no Country Kids post last week, the first time I’ve missed a week for about six months I think! Getting back to Boston on Tuesday we were greeted with sub-zero temperatures and we are still surrounded by white, although it’s largely ice at the moment rather than snow… This has been coupled with tired, jet lagged children (and mummy). So, we’ve yet again struggled to get outside. Today, it may have been -12C at 10am but the sun was shining and I’d had enough!

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