If It Doesn't Have 8 Legs, Don't Eat It!

If It Doesn't Have 8 Legs, Don't Eat It!

10:00 Biggie has become a fussy eater. Everything she sees me cook, she looks at, turns up her nose and says "I don't like that" or "Oh, I don't really like rice with that." She has grown a massive hatred for cucumber - a vegetable she ate constantly before. And there isn't a fruit I can tempt her with apart from grapes. What is a Working Mum to do?

21:28 And the octopus has gone. Eaten in about five minutes, it was deliciously tender, chopped and sprinkled with a little cayenne pepper and went perfectly with the patatas bravas* and makeshift aioli really well. I squashed the roasted garlic (three whole cloves, not peeled) into the patatas bravas sauce, by the way. Even Biggie managed her first try of octopus as she came out and attempted (even though Booboo was actually asleep, an event previously unknown before 11pm at the caravan!) to get into our bed. We got her back to her own with half a tentacle and didn't she just love it. Tomatoes? Yuk. Cucumber? Bleurgh, Octopus? More please.

And that goes for us all!

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