Identity - More Than The Sum Of My Parts

Identity - More Than The Sum Of My Parts - Expatlog

As an expat and someone with BPD, identity is something of an enigma. Both conditions significantly influence my self-perception. For the expat, the support networks cemented through shared behavior/views (copying) and comfortable familiarity (assumptions of both ourselves and our peers) are stripped away when we move somewhere else, leaving only our core character elements to rely on. Over time we integrate features of our new surroundings into our personality (copying) and are shaped by the assumptions we both make and encounter in regard to others. BPD offers a revolving mirror reflecting my most recent exposures back at me until their potency fades or is replaced by something else. For me, there’s no clear answer to the question “What makes me Me?” Is it nationality? Not if a number of nations occupy a space in your heart. Is it culture? Depends on what you were exposed to where. Language, dress, perceived relationships to gender, elders, other nationalities – all play their part. Religion, belief, spirituality – are they set in stone or a continuous journey?

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