Iceland’s Beautiful Landscape: The Golden Circle | In Pictures

Iceland’s Beautiful Landscape: The Golden Circle | In Pictures

On a wet and windy day in April, I joined Arctic Adventures on a tour of Iceland’s stunning scenery along The Golden Circle route. Not technically in a circle, but a half day’s worth of driving around the South West of Iceland, close to its capital Reykjavík, will allow you to experience the harsh weather, and beautiful natural formations of this rocky island.

We stopped off at Thingvellir National Park to begin with, exploring the expanse of lake and wilderness around us. It’s supposedly the meeting point of the first general assembly, and as such, is held in high esteem by the Icelandic. It’s a beautiful location where you can walk along the rift valley in between two tectonic plates, and even scuba dive in crystal clear waters where visibility can extend up to 300m. That’s the beauty of Silfra Lake: due to the surrounding volcanic activity, continental drift has ensured a truly unique diving experience. It was freezing, even in April, so I opted for a lava caving experience (more on that later) over submerging myself in the icy waters.

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