I won the Jolly Lobster Award

I won the Jolly Lobster Award

I don’t remember how I came across Ned’s Blog | Humor at the Speed of Life probably during one of my many procrastination moments but it has been a joy. His humour has yet to disappoint me, and his comments are just as hilarious as his posts. I love authors that respond to comments, now I realize a lot of bigshots post authors don’t have the time to respond to comments, but the ones that do, will always receive a comment from me.

I particularly enjoyed reading When it comes to maintaining my yard the luck stops here. Plus, he secured me as a follower with his love of the “fainting goat”, though I am not sure I would let them in the house. When I was reading “I don’t really do the ‘award’ thing unless its weird” on his blog, I was actually left speechless for a moment in time when I saw he had nominated me for the Jolly Lobster Award.

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