I Wish I Was A Perfect Mother!

I Wish I Was A Perfect Mother! - twinstiarasandtantrums.com

It is very rare that I get down, I class myself as quite a positive person in general, but last week a had a little glitch. I’m not an overly motherly mother, I have never been maternal like some and sometimes I struggle with being a mother at all… especially as I’m a single mother doing it all alone!

Just lately, one of the twins is being repeatedly naughty. Monkey has always been the one that needs attention, the one that needs to be played with more. Her poor sister is her world, her playmate, and now unfortunately her punch bag…

Mookin has always been independent, she enjoys her sisters company but more recently has started liking her own space too. Monkey doesn’t like this one little bit and when her sister declines her persistent need to play, she gets a thump for her efforts.

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