I Want To Be A Gastronaut.

I Want To Be A Gastronaut.

They found a doughnut on Mars, not sure if it was iced with sprinkles, or just sugar coated, but either is good with me. I always find space stuff exciting, but combine it with another of my great loves, cake, and I am giddy.

It has been long established that the Moon is made of cheese, and the Solar System is called the Milky Way. I am starting to sense something of a food related space conspiracy going on here. If I find out that they have been keeping it a secret that Saturn is a giant Custard Cream, I shall be banging on NASA's door.... - See more at: http://www.rocknrollmum.com/2014/01/i-want-to-be-gastronaut_25.html#sthash.cIYGp0rl.dpuf

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