I took the Savage Challenge. Will you?

I took the Savage Challenge. Will you?

Discover The Savage World

The book itself is the kind of read that children won’t notice they’re reading – even reluctant readers very quickly start to find themselves immersed in discovering fascinating facts and “no way!” revelations. We have spent several hours just randomly flicking through its pages gasping, cringing, and “bleurghing!” Jam-packed with more than 5000 facts and 1200 jaw-dropping images, it is now a kitchen table book – as in, it can’t go back on the shelf, we never know when we might need it. Check out our new knowledge:

Rain is acid! That’s why it can erode rock. Kangaroos are epic kickboxers! Angry birds is not just an app… In a wasp:spider fight-off, the wasp would win! People eat insects… and cow-blood porridge… Like I said – bleurghhhh!

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