I ran race for life

I ran race for life

When I signed up for Race for Life it seemed like no big deal. It's 10k aka six miles. I run half marathons. I can run 10k with my eyes shut, if you know what I mean (it might be a bit dangerous, but you get my drift).

So it was no big deal until we entered our first heatwave in ages. It was going to be 27 degrees. This is Britain in July! It's supposed to be 18 degrees, like it has been every year since 2007.

I met up with Emma aka Crazy with twins. It was Emma who first inspired me to run Race for Life and whose name I had on my back. I also had the father-in-law I never knew, who I have been thinking about a lot recently. I am very lucky that my life hasn't been touched by cancer any more than this, but I am also aware that this could change at any time. There are many other people out there who would have thought that, until a parent, sibling, spouse or even child got hit by the dreaded C word.

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