I joined the gym ….

I joined the gym ….

…. fairly recently and boy, does it feel good!!

My weight gain came to a head back in September 2013 when I was horrified when glancing at myself in a mirror in Tesco (as you do) when we were doing our shopping.  I had gone out in green skinny jeans and some top and I looked hideous (before I went out I thought I looked lovely!)

It hit me then, my hubby had been going off me for a while and now I could understand why.  He was faced with this fat, bloated woman who had not taken any care of herself, how could he want me looking like that?

I started by cutting back on all the crap (also known as chocolate/biscuits/fry ups) and limiting what I had.  I had a friend who did weight loss coaching and, through her, I started juicing.  Green juice was my absolute favourite and I started ditching the lunchtime recipe I had been given and drinking green juice for breakfast and lunch.

It made a HUGE difference.  Within weeks I had started losing inches from my hips and waist and was feeling so much better about myself. 

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