I dream of Daisy

I dream of Daisy

You have a few key dislikes, one of which is getting your hair washed.  Every time a bath is suggested you ask the question “are you going to wash my hair” and it’s clear you are relieved when I say no.  You are also equally upset with the prospect of getting your hair brushed or teeth cleaned.  I’ve taken note and bought a special Tangle Teaser brush for the hair and I have resorted to making the teeth brushing a race.  With your competitive spirit, it rarely fails and I tell you that your teeth are so shiny that I need my sunglasses on; works wonders.  You hate having long sleeves and insist on all sleeves on all long tops, to be rolled up.  Completely ridiculous at times, but that's you.  I know people wont believe it but it really is a struggle to get photos with my very own model, you don’t have a lot of patience in front of the camera and you were only keen on the birthday photos with the promise of a new toy afterwards!  The last one, you don’t do early breakfast but I can understand that as I too rarely eat breakfast.

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