I am in actual love with Annie Spratt and Marie Donn

Have you seen my blog? I mean seriously, have you seen it?! I am in actual love with Annie Spratt and Marie Donn, these two amazing women have taken my blog and turned it into something wonderful. CraftsonSea LogoFor ages I’ve been unhappy with the way my blog looked. I really remember sitting at BritMums Live listening to Paul Armstrong talk about how you didn’t want a logo that looked like it had been knocked up on Paint and cringing. Mine was totally done on Picmonkey and obviously so. I’d even lost the original image to a broken laptop so it was a case of copying a bad copy. Ouch. I love Picmonkey and will always sing its praises, but that logo didn’t feel how I wanted this blog to be.

Step in super blogger and gin drinker extraordinaire Annie and suddenly I have something that I totally adore. If there is anyone in the entire universe that doesn’t already read her stuff then for goodness sake go look at her new blog Manneskjur. If you like this blog you’ll probably love her ‘ handmade in..’ linky too.

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