How we lost 60lb using our phones and Noom

How we lost 60lb using our phones and Noom

THE SCALES DON’T LIE I wish I felt good about myself whatever my size or shape. I should, I know I should. But the fact that I put on almost 3 stone (42 pounds) while I was pregnant with Little Man, and the final few pounds weren’t shifting, made me cringe.

Ok, the first 14 pounds or so dropped off fairly quickly while I was breastfeeding the Little Man but when we had to switch to bottles at six months it slowed to a snail’s pace. I felt lethargic. I felt annoyed that my clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t feel like the old me.

And more importantly, my Sarcoidosis was back.

So I started run/walking again. And I tried to diet.

But by December 2013 I still had 22lb stubbornly refusing to go.

Plus the husband had popped on a few extra pounds himself and so we both decided a change had to happen.

That change was Noom.

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