How to throw a Pumpkin Party

How to throw a Pumpkin Party Yesterday, concluded the 8th annual Pumpkin party in my home. I have to say this year was the BEST turn out to date. I first started this when I purchased my home. I didn't have children and was single at the time ( with boat loads of extra time on my hands). I saw a need for kids to participate in good wholesome crafty fun and decided to create "holiday" parties. Not to celebrate Halloween but to celebrate a family tradition with my friends and their families. Because let's face it over the years your friends become your family. The children/parents would not have had the means to have a pumpkin. Back then (and still today) parents couldn't afford extras like pumpkins and supplies. Since I didn't have kids, I felt it was my gift to them to set up, host and throw a fun kid party each year.

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