How to survive the summer with a toddler

How to survive the summer with a toddler Being out in the sunshine is great but it can be a challenge if you own a toddler. So here are some guidelines on how to survive the summer:

Don’t mention the word “suncream”. Your toddler will run to the furthest point possible. The bottom of the garden is ideal…or given the opportunity, France.

Don’t pursue your toddler with suncream in your hand. This only happens when you’re wearing something nice and Factor 842 doesn’t come out. Ever.

When you chase your toddler they always run faster. And laugh at you. If you’re in a public place, strangers will say “you’ve got your hands full there” as you pass by unable to breathe. They will offer no help.

Once you’ve caught your toddler, expect extensive wriggling when you apply suncream. Remember looking like a ghost is better than burnt skin.

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